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Hello, I am Dr. Elena Eustache, the creator of LoveTheApp.

LoveTheApp is the world’s one true connection to finding true love. It is not a casual dating application or dating site. It is a new platform which helps users search worldwide and successfully connect with their one, true soulmate.

LoveTheApp differs from dating sites such as and eharmony, because it was uniquely designed for users who are truly ….

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All over the world people are connecting. Sometimes we connect with people that make us laugh, sometimes we connect with people that make us dance, and sometimes we connect with people that really and truly get us. Those are the connections that can turn our lives around. True happiness can be achieved simply by finding our one true connection. The one who truly gets us and will love us forever.

At Love, we understand we are but a small cog in the wheel of love… but big things do come in small packages. That’s why we created the various levels of love below, so you can choose which package works best for you.

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The entry-level of Love, for those looking to dip their toes into the relationship pool and test the waters of love.



Give your relationship search the boost that it deservers, with sterling features and options as a Platinum member.



Bring quality and clarity to your quest for love with certified features and options as a Diamond member



Sign up to see if you qualify to join the most elite level of love, where the possibiliites of finding love are limitless.

True Love Stories

With Love, anything is possible.

Monica Crosby

"I found my soulmate!!"

I want to expressed my sincere gratitude to Dr. Eustache for her amazing coaching I found my soulmate!! I went to other therapists for help, however when Dr. …

Elizabeth Daskalov

"When you find love, you find everything."

We are all meant to be with a person that we love and respect. With a person that makes everything ….

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