Hello, I am Dr. Elena Eustache, the creator of LoveTheApp.

LoveTheApp is the world’s one true connection to finding true love. It is not a casual dating application or dating site. It is a new platform which helps users search worldwide and successfully connect with their one, true soulmate.

LoveTheApp differs from dating sites such as match.com and eharmony, because it was uniquely designed for users who are truly seeking commitment, marriage and family. And, it also focuses on quality, not quanity. LoveTheApp also serves as an educational tool that teaches users the true meaning of love, relationships and marriage.

The idea behind LoveTheApp was inspired by Dr. Eustache’s desire to bring love into the lives of all who wish to find true love. As a couple and relationship expert, Dr. Eustache has helped numerous people find the love of their lives.

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