We are all meant to be with a person that we love and respect. With a person that makes everything better in our lower days and times. We are all deserving of finding true love!

My husband Konstantin and I met 10 years ago. We dated a short period of time, often running  into each other at parties and events, and other times calling each other on Friday nights for dinner and movies. We managed to remain in each other’s lives. It was a relationship like no other, effortless fun, laughter and respect, it never felt so right.

For eight years I valued Konstantin’s unconditional friendship and honesty. I knew this was all he had to offer me. It was great for me, until it wasn’t.  I realized it was time to move on.

We both missed each other’s company and endless conversations. Talking to him was what I missed the most. But knowing I would never get to kiss his soft lips again broke my heart. We didn’t speak for a few months, during a period which I knew he had done a lot of soul-searching of his own.

Dr. Elena was a confidant to him and a catalyst for us finding our way back together. There are times when all that is needed is a little help and the right advice.  Dr. Elena’s guidance and coaching helped us realize the amazing relationship we have and quenched our fears.  Words of wisdom that can make all the difference between your “today” and your future!

This month, June 05, 2017 we will be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary, but 10 years of LOVE.

I am grateful to everything that made Konstantin realize his love for me. I am grateful to God that gave me a man of honor, love and respect.