What is LoveTheApp all about?

LoveTheApp was created by world-renowned love and relationship expert, Dr.Elena Eustache.

Dr. Eustache, also known as the Encyclopedia of Love, was born to love. At an early age, Dr. Eustache was well aware of the love that her parents and grandmother bestowed upon her.  Love had always been a constant and important part of her life. She could not imagine a life without love.

As Dr. Eustache grew older, she realized that most of the world had not experienced the same love, values, and respect that she had. She was determined to change that.

LoveTheApp was inspired by Dr. Eustache’s desire and determination to bring love into the lives of all who wish to find it.

LoveTheApp is not for everyone. It is not a casual dating application or dating site. It was uniquely designed for users who are truly seeking commitment, marriage, family and children.

LoveTheApp is a safe place, where can you find the love of your life.

Stop swiping other dating apps and sites. Come join LoveTheApp!