Why Love The App?

As a world-renowned love and relationship expert, I have been successful in helping both single men and women find the love of their lives. I have also been successful in helping to build and restore relationships and marriages.

Today’s world has become a very challenging place in which to find true love. The loss of values, morals, respect, trust and commitment make this endeavor seemingly impossible, with instant gratification playing an underlying role in today’s society.

The desire to build relationships, marriages, and families seem to be lost. Quantity over quality seems to be the driving force behind most dating sides. ‘Quick hookups’ and ‘casual dating’ have become the new relationship status of many.

Although the majority of today’s society seems to want a quick ‘one night of love fix,’ there are still many who long for that happily-ever-after relationship. This is whereLoveTheApp comes into play (no pun intended).

LoveTheApp is a place for people who are tired of the swiping and the casual dating scene. It is uniquely designed for those who are truly seeking a committed, monogamous relationship, which includes one of the three categories: commitment, marriage, family and children.


This includes people who are seeking a monogamousrelationship, with the idea of potentially living together in a committed partnership, without necessarily getting married.


This is for partners in a personal, monogamous, committed relationship who are seeking a life together in Marriage.

Family and Children

This is for committed partners who wish to have a family together, or have pre-existing children, and would like to form a committedrelationship with someone with or without children.

If you are seeking a long-lasting relationship with the love of your life, then LoveTheApp is for YOU!